March 28, 2012

Meyer Tool, Inc. Offers Advanced Gauging Solutions to the Manufacturing Industry

Meyer Tool, Inc., headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, is known throughout the turbine engine industry for its electrical discharge machining (EDM), waterjet, abrasive grinding and special processes such as coating and metals joining. MTI is a high-tech supplier to the aerospace and industrial turbine industries and supplies OEM engine providers with critical hot section components such as turbine blades, nozzles, shrouds and combustion liners. In recent years, MTI has also become known for its innovative solutions to automated inspection and analysis.

Meyer Tool offers modular airflow test stands, automated inspection systems with statistical process control (SPC) software and five axis vision systems for non-contact inspection. These systems were originally developed for use within Meyer Tool. However after years of developing these technologies, MTI proudly offers these products to the manufacturing industry.

The Modular Airflow Test Stand (MATS) is Meyer Tool’s solution to acquire fast and precise internal mass flow measurements. We offer three different models: a portable bench-top unit, a full-sized workstation and a mid-sized modular unit. These systems are capable of measuring rates from as low as .00006 up to 1.5 Lbm/Sec. For more information on our airflow measurement systems please click here.

Orion is Meyer Tool’s innovative SPC software package. When used in conjunction with a CMM, vision system, pneumatic digital probes, transducers, airflow test stand or other standard hand gauging, Orion will acquire, analyze and store all required measurement data. Orion was designed to be used in-line on the shop floor and provides machinists and inspectors with valuable SPC information allowing them to better control and troubleshoot their processes. Please click here for more information.

Meyer’s Five Axis Vision System allows for accurate and precise non-contact measurements. It is ideal for difficult to obtain features such as the true position of small diameter cooling holes, diffuser shapes and foot prints, slot locations and widths, and notch positioning. The vision system is CNC controlled and networked for software control, and data storage. For more information on our Five Axis Vision System, please click here.

The continued success of Meyer Tool is the result of a combination of highly skilled and dedicated employees, with the latest in manufacturing and measurement technologies. The men and women of MTI proudly develop and offer advanced measurement technologies to the industry.