Orion.Impact is a revolutionary step forward in Statistical Process Control (SPC). Real-time SPC has never been more user-friendly or functional. Orion.Impact has evolved over 12 years of shop floor feedback and experience from successful implementation across a variety of manufacturing industries. The interface is fast and intuitive and the results are visual and easy to interpret.

Orion.Impact acquires, manages and analyzes variable and attribute measurements from a variety of sources including:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)
  • Airflow Test Stands
  • RS232 Standard Gauges
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Pneumatic and Spring Actuated Digital Probes
  • Equator
  • Laser Micrometers
  • Keyboard Entry

Key Features of the Orion.Impact Quality System:
  • Real-Time SPC Feedback
  • All standard Shewhart Charts, Tests and Capability Indices are Available
  • Tests, Rules and Presentation are all Customizable
  • Emails and Andon Alerts Provide Real-Time Communications to Key Resources
  • Sampling and Sample Schedules are Maintained via Orion.Impact
  • Daily Auto-Review Ranks all Inspections by Performance
  • Root Cause / Corrective Action Logs Prioritize Continuous Improvement Activities
  • Gauge R&R Feature
  • Revision History Maintains Modifications to the Inspection Process
  • Measurements are Viewed by First Time Yield or Final Product
  • Importing / Exporting Data is Simple and Fast
  • Off-line Analysis is Available via Network