Meyer Tool, Inc. utilizes a variety of X-Ray technologies to ensure final products meet all of the customers' requirements, whether inspecting weld seams, braze joints, casting wall thickness, core shifts, etc.

  • Computed Radiography (CR): Filmless X-ray using a phosphorus coated panel that is converted into a digital image for review and interpretation.
  • Digital X-Ray (DR): Filmless X-Ray process where the penetrating radiation projects an image on a digital panel, converting the data into pixels that are viewed as a representative image of the product.
  • Real Time X-Ray: Filmless X-Ray process providing the inspector with a real time X-Ray image of the product as it is scanned.
  • Film X-Ray: Conventional X-Ray imaging process that provides the inspector with a clear image of the interior and exterior surfaces of the products.
The benefit to Meyer Tool, Inc. of having multiple X-Ray technology options, is the ability to match the proper technique with the right application.

Certified for:
  • HPS-1000
  • CXRM-Master
  • XRM-Master
  • P3TF5